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Cigarettes kill, plain and simple. When you inhale cigarette smoke, you inhale up to 7000 chemicals, including 70 that can cause cancer. Cigarettes hurt every organ in your body, and they're designed to keep you hooked.

Smokeless tobacco, like dip or chew, is dangerous like cigarettes. Even without the smoke, you get a huge dose of chemicals and nicotine every time you use these products.

Most teens don't use tobacco.

Think everyone else vapes, smokes or chews? This just isn't true. Most teens DON'T use tobacco. In fact, less than 10% of teens smoke cigarettes and less than 6% use smokeless tobacco.

If you smoke or chew, know that you still have control. You get to decide if you keep buying and using these products. You also get to decide if you want to quit.


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